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Our talented, dedicated Genuis Squad brings high level of academic excellence and success to Lezzgo Learnin'. We infuse passion into every project, no matter the scale. Learn more about our team and how we can help your child.

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Science Genius

I created this platform with a vision to touch as many households as possible. I noticed a lot of younger kids faced struggles in switching to online learning. This encouraged me to create this platform to provide free services to anyone who seeks it.
-Rohan Singh


Math & Science Genius

Hi, my name is Ryan Singh, and I am currently entering my sophomore year of high school. I want to help educate these kids because they will be an essential part of society in years to come. Given the current Covid-19 pandemic, kids need all the help and coaching to continue with the efforts to pursue academic development. I would love to take my time to spread my knowledge to educate kids. Thank you for the opportunity to help educate our future.
-Ryan Singh

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Amaan Khan

Math & Science Genius

Hi, my name is Amaan Khan, and I am a sophomore at Monroe Township high school. I am a tutor at Lezzgo Learnin' because I feel obligated to help children in this trying time. With the recent switch to online learning, it has been harder for students to learn and grasp the information taught to them. Helping these children through Lezzgo Learnin' gives them an opportunity to enhance and excel in their knowledge academically.

Umair Siddiqui

Math & Science Genius

Hi, my name is Umair Siddiqui and I am a sophomore in high school from New Jersey. My vision is to help teach and guide students in their academic endeavors, especially those who may otherwise not have the resources necessary to help them understand academic concepts outside of school. The COVID-19 pandemic has drastically altered the way billions of people around the world learn, and many children have been left behind as the world shifted to remote learning. My goal is to provide personalized and detailed instruction and guidance to children to help them excel academically and help give back to the community. I personally have experienced the profound benefits of being mentored and tutored by volunteers before, and I am excited to give back and help the younger generation.

Amaan Khan

Jaden Enis

Math & Science Genius

Hi, I am Jaden Enis, and I am a junior at Monroe Township High School, NJ. With the pandemic, the past few years have been difficult for many students who benefit from personalized instruction. My goal at Lezzgo Learnin' is to help provide that opportunity for extra personalized instruction and to volunteer my time to help others. I want to be able to motivate others to do their best, and I am excited to help kids achieve their goals and progress as a student.