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Rohan Singh

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

At Lezzgo Learnin', we believe that significant results can only come from great work, we started this organization amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Our purpose is to close the gap between the loss of learning that younger students faced switching to online learning. 


As we interact with more students and gain more volunteers, we will be able to cater our services to more students. I wish to help any kid in any part of the world, which is why this virtual platform so appealing to us at Lezzgo Learnin'.

I am Rohan Singh the Founder of this organization, over the past few months I have noticed that some kids adapted to online learning differently than others. We should help bring all kids the education that they need to achieve all their dreams. Which is why my services are free, at Lezzgo Learnin' we like to say the credit card looks best sitting in the wallet. We do not accept any payments whatsoever as we would like to give back to the community!

Ryan Singh

Chief Operations Officer

My vision at Lezzgo Learnin' is to scale this organization to a global level so that all of us can reach everyone's computer screens worldwide!


I am Ryan Singh, and I am the COO of this organization. My goal as COO is to help educate these kids because they will be an essential part of society in years to come. Given the current Covid-19 pandemic, I have seen kids struggle to adapt to the present online learning aspect. Therefore, kids need all the help and coaching to continue with the efforts to pursue academic development.


Our volunteers would love to take their time to spread their knowledge to educate kids of the future. Furthermore, at Lezzgo learnin', our services are entirely free, and all we ask is to help spread our message throughout the world so we can reach as many kids as possible.

Chief Marketing Officers

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